Pirate Party passes the Left

The Swedish Piratpartiet (Pirate Party) has, according to the latest figures, now passed the Left Party in membership figures. The Pirate Party has, according to their latest estimates, over 10 800 members, a bit over 100 more than the left party.

Also, their youth organisation, Ung Pirat (Young Pirate) has surpassed the once mighty social democratic youth organisation SSU in membership figures, becoming the second largest youth organisation in the country. It's getting clearly more difficult for the mainstream media to ignore the influence that the Pirate Party is, or should be, gaining in Swedish politics.


novaLea said...

...and I'm celebrating with non-alcoholic beer!
- Cheers! :D

Rierro said...

Sweet! I'm glad to see the pirate party growing.

Also: check out www.theghostbay.org and sign up for the mailing list. It's a pretty new project and we need all the help we can get.

Anonymous said...

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