Windows Vista sucks - it's the pirates' fault

The reason why Windows Vista is selling slowly is piracy, especially in countries such as China, India, Brazil and Russia.

At least the Microsoft CEO, Steve "The Sweaty Madman" Ballmer claims this to be the truth.

His final solution (interesting choice of words, I wonder if they are his or if it's the words of the Inquirer) is to - increase the WGA to squeaze these developing nations more.

Steve Ballmer has not understood that blaming piracy doesn't work. And that piracy is actually a great help to developing economies. It's good that Stevie finally has released Bill Gates' skirt, but if someone is able to give Bill Gates advice on matters of software, then it would be wise to listen.

And perhaps it's the other way around, really - Vista doesn't sell bad because of piracy, there might be piracy because of Vista's pricing and trusted computing concept. Perhaps it's about time that big business looks over their business methods, instead of blaming piracy for the fact that the world is still evolving.

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Davey PB said...

The reason Vista is selling so slowly, is that
1. It's not really that much of an improvement over Xp in terms of actual features.
2. It's not compatible with almost every bit of software you currently have, or will buy in the immediate future without patching.
3. At least in the UK, most local uthorities are advising not to even touch it anytime soon in a professional capacity.