Successful lobby groups file another complaint against the Pirate Bay, for the same crime

It seems that IFPI has decided to file another report on The Pirate Bay, in the middle of the current investigation. For the same crime. And, according to the CEO, Lars Gustafsson, they would like another raid.

That's what we wish for in our wettest dreams.

Isn't it counterproductive and impossible to get an investigation for a crime going by a police report, while another investigation is currently taking place for the same crime?

Well, it seems that the copyright lobby groups have wind in their sails. Not only have they been educating the police on how to tackle file sharing. It seems that their last attack on the Pirate Bay will not be investigated on wether or not it was constitutional. At least not now. "Postponed indefinately." sounds very convinient.

And so the scandal grows.

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