Pirates of all colours demonstrate in four cities

On Saturday, a few hundered people gathered outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. Other demonstrations were held in Malmö, Gothenburgh and Umeå, with the same number of participants. The message was clear: Mass surveillance of all citizens in case something interesting will show up is not okay. With the new legislation that is passing in Sweden, couped through political and judicial instances, means that Sweden is rapidly passing countries such as the UK and the US that are famous, or infamous, for their surveillance. Instead, the Swedish system is getting dangerously similar to those of Eastern Germany or the Soviet Union when it comes to surveillance.

TV news made a short report covering a few minutes that was aired on most of the important news shows throughout the evening. This report focused on the wide representation present in arranging these demonstrations.

The demonstrations were arranged by the Pirate Party along with Ung Pirat, Ung Vänster (Young Left, youth organisation of the Left Party), Grön Ungdom (Green Youth, youth organisation of the Green Party) and Liberala Ungdomsförbundet (Liberal Yough Organisation, youth organisation of the People's Parrty, one of the liberal parties in government). This was not only an outcry against Sweden's march against an Orwellian society, but also the youth organisations decrying the failures of their mother parties to protect basic democratic principles.

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