Known APB employed infiltrator lectures on copyright at Swedish Police Academy

Copyriot provide a very interesting notice:

On March 10, the Swedish police made a raid on Bahnhof, the first independent Internet Service Provider in Sweden. It was raided, and four servers confiscated, due to a police report made by Antipiratbyrån - piracy was done from the servers.

But it turned out the servers were not Bahnhofs property, since employees had put them there.

Before too long, it was proven that the person that had put the servers there was paid by a person calling himself "Rogue", who was actually paid by - Antipiratbyrån. This rogue also send mails to his bosses, bragging that he had infiltrated the ISP for two years which finally led to a raid.

This turned into a major scandal when a group called Arga Unga Hackare (Angry Young Hackers) gained access to APB mail and published some. It was a scandal, because it proved that APB had hired a person to infiltrate a company, and that the person had then himself commited piracy crimes while at their property, and then the APB, his employers, had reported the company, leading to a raid.

"Rogue" turned out to be a guy called Peter Bergström. And, are you ready for this (translation from Copyriot):

No further indignation will be spent here over the fact that Hollywood and FBI has been allowed to educate the Swedish police. We will simply note an interesting name. Invited to the Police Academy seminar on file sharing and copyright legislation, held on January 24, was:

* Andrew Myers, FBI agent.
* Henrik Pontén, chief legal advisor at the APB
* The Brussels lobbyist Peter Bergström, representative of the MPA

Hmm... Peter Bergström? I recognize this name from the scandal where APB infiltrated Bahnhof.

According to the mails hacked and made public, Rogue, the nickname of this infiltrator, was a 32 year old by the name of Peter Bergström. This person sent, among other things, IRC logs to APBs Anders Nilsson, and after the raid on Bahnhof during the spring of 2005 he proudly reported to his employers in the US:

From: peter@anti-piracy.se
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 9:29
To: Tilbury, Chad; Seymour, Dan; Winter, Craig
Subject: Swedish pirates busted!

Hi guys!

After 2 years of infiltrations our work finally paid of today with a successful raid on Sweden's oldest and largest ISP named Bahnhof.
Bahnhof has been a source for top level piracy for several years and hosting some of the biggest and fastest servers in Europe.

Is this the same Peter Bergström? I don't know, but it doesn't seem completely unlikely that the MPA(A) could have rewarded "Rogue" with a job in Brussels.

Bahnhofs own investigation concluded that Peter Bergströms own acts was crime provocation, and Piratbyrån reported APB for forgery and false accusations - a police report that, hardly surpricingly, the police doesn't seem to have touched. The entire Bahnhof affair has been getting in the shadow of the Pirate Bay raid, but when the central figure "Rogue" have now possibly popped up as a lecturer at the Police Academy, it would be extra important to investigate if there have been any mistakes done?

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