Traffic monitoring and bugging in Sweden

Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask, who used to be one of the sharpest critics of Thomas Bodström on the question of data trafic monitoring, have now made a complete U-turn and says that storing of trafic data is to be implemented in Sweden.

This directive means that information about all Swedish telephone calls, SMSs, emails, cell phone calls are to be stored if the police needs it. From being illegal to store for matters of personal integrity, tele and internet operators are now being legally forced to store theis information for the judicial bodies. Whoever you call, when, and from where, is now going to be registered. Yes, from where. Cell phones with be continually checked for location, and movements will be registered and stored.

This is a breech of integrity of a scale that is unheard of in the world. Never before, a state has created a complete database of how its citizens are moving,

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