File sharing is increasing - don't believe them!

The Anti-Piracy Bureau claims that piracy is decreasing in Sweden.

"The statistics we have shows that the trials we have had has given a lot of effect. This is a typical crime where trials given much attention has a preventive effect", says the senior judicial advisor Henrik Pontén. [...] "We keep up our work as before. Our focus has always been on the large distributors, not individuals - even if those cases have gotten the most media attention."

This is the kinds of arguments that are used to get an exclusion from legislation meant to protect privacy. But are their arguments true?

1) As I pointed out three days ago, the APB have seemed to concentrate on getting trials for the most leanient forms of copyright infringements.

2) Their campaign is not working. According to new figures made by SCB (Statistics Sweden), the Swedish government agency on stats, one out of every five persons have used file sharing programs in one way or the other. This is an increase since last year, where the same figure was 18%.

So there we have it - the APB is concentrating on ordinary people. And file sharing is increasing. But the special interest group APB becomes exceptions in that they can store personal information and perform private police investigations, because they claim they go after the "big game" and that their methods are working.

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