School to Fingerprint All Students

A London school is to embark on a trial to fingerprint 1,500 children when they return to school. Holland Park School is believed to be one of the first schools in the UK to seek to fingerprint every pupil in an effort to monitor their attendance.

This definately made me choke on my coffee. The United Kingdom steps one more step towards 1984. The first victims are the children.

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Anonymous said...

Too late, I work in schools now that use fingerprint records to check out library books etc.

Biometrics, it's unavoidable.

DaveyPB said...

Comment about working in schools was by me btw :P


Thaumiel said...

It's one thing to use biometrics as a convinient mean to secure handling of stuff, another thing to just gather it to have it. Even to use it for easy legitimate identification is problematic at best, due to the tendencies of a) information to stick, and b) technology to be used for other things than what it was intended to be used for.

DaveyPB said...

"Thaumiel said...
b) technology to be used for other things than what it was intended to be used for..."

The same could be held true for any invention known to man, so that's not really a pertinent counterpoint. :P

Thaumiel said...

Granted, no doubt. And when it comes to tech that is not only at chance to interfere with other basic democratic interests, like the principle "innocent untill proven guilty", but is even _supposed_ to infrin on it, caution is quite important, yes?

DaveyPB said...

Caution implies to me that there's someone on that side of the fence working for our best interests.

I fail to see such people.

We can be as cautious as we want, but if it's implemented anyway, what are we to do? Just not send the kids to school?