Good news, everyone.

I had an offer I can't refuse.

My good friend Ernesto at TorrentFreak, with who I've been working with for a while, offered me to write exclusively for TF. This is simply too good to refuse. First of all, TorrentFreak is a site I hold in much asteem, as Ernesto is running one of the top blogs on the topic, and in general. Secondly, it's a good chance to expand and make myself useful. Also, I must admit I'm both flattered by the offer and see it as a chance to reach new readers.

So, does this mean that Piracy Unlimited is obsolete? Not at all!

As I think of it, I will simply write exclusively for TF and for PUL. Both are great places, and both deserve the same attention, I don't intend to cross-post. I was thinking that my contributions to Piracy Unlimited will be of a more detailed kind. More translations. And also stuff that might not be hottest news anymore, stuff like the Asbo story, for example. The hot news items will end up on both places of course. ;)

I want to thank TorrentFreak for this opportunity.

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soulxtc said...

congratulations......love torrentfreak as well.