Tribute post: to kdsde

If someone bothers reading the few comments I actually get, you noticed that a certain kdsde has had the courtesy to comment every now and then. Most often, these are passenger seat driving kinds of comments - the person comments on typos, factual errors, technical difficulties, non-truths, stuff like that.

Two things must be said about this:

  1. I do not feel bad about the comments. They don't make me feel bad in anyway. As a matter of fact I'm greatful that someone is reporting all the mistakes in inevitably due every now and then, every so often, every other post, or - heck, all the time. ;) kdsde is thus sort of my clean-up crew, that points out where the blood-stains are. This is great. And it also proves I have at least one regular reader who also comments, makes me feel like I'm not really the only person in the world who reads all the stuff I put on this blog (yes, I know there are more of you out there, but you get the point).
  2. It's not me who is doing this. I have no idea what so ever who this person is, to be honest (though I'm sure s/he has probably told me, but I'm too shattered-minded to remember. Let me in on a little secret: I once forgot the name of a girlfriend. During the relationship. I'm just terrible with names and stuff like that). This doesn't make me less greatful, however.
So. Whoever you are kdsde, who does all this for me, and whyever you do it: keep doing it. It's bliss for me and the poor sods that feels compelled to read my rantings.


kdsde said...

no, you don't know me, we never met before

btw: "[...]these are passanger seat[...]"
if my bloddy english is not wrong its a "passenger".

P.S. the collective knowledge of google seems to think the same:
Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von ungefähr 419.000 für passanger. (0,03 Sekunden)
Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von ungefähr 138.000.000 für passenger. (0,03 Sekunden)


Thaumiel said...


And: "bloody". :P

kdsde said...


soulxtc said...

I read your stuff too, keep up the good work.....Use your site as additional source of all things Swedish P2P/piracy related.