Piratbyrån back online

After one and a half month of absence, Piratbyråns website is now back online with full functionality.

Following is the official press release:

On Wednesday, Piratbyrån (The Bureau of Piracy) went live with their old/new website. After one and a half month of absence from the internet, we can once again present a complete solution for anyone who is interested in piracy, file sharing and copyright criticism.

The central parts of the website is the ongoing news reporting and the forum, which has 60 000 members.

- We can now retake our place as the foremost copycritical news source on the net, says Tobias Andersson from Piratbyrån. Together with other news sites and blogs we make sure it will be impossible to miss all the exciting stuff that is happening on the area.

Piratbyrån's server and orginal data is still in police custody. Prosecutor Håkan Roswall refuses to end this custody. Data, however, is not dependent on being at a specific physical spot, and after a bit of juggeling, the website is back.

- Even though we have hardly been inactive, we are very happy to have regained our place on the Internet, Tobias Andersson says. It's from here our activity is coordinated.

During the time that the website has been offline, Piratbyrån has, among other things, organized a large demonstration concering the Pirate Bay raid, written debate articles, held conversations with politicians from practically every party, negotiated in the city court, held speeches in Almedalen, initiated a large international lobby organisation and bought a lock of hair from Thomas Bodström.

We wish all our new and old readers welcome to our website. Have fun on the Internet!

When the Swedish police got the order from prosecutor Roswall, he himself haven gotten subtle hints from the government working under MPAA pressure, to raid the Pirate Bay, Swedish tax payers were blessed with the chance to finance an operation concerning tens of officers on a number of places all over Sweden. Despite this, it took the Pirate Bay no more than three days to get back online.

Piratbyrån is a bit more dependent on user content and large chunks of bigger data as well as a smooth system for the ongoing news coverage and handling of the forum for large numbers of users - users that was left stranded along with everyone else in this ongoing farse.

Nor does Piratbyrån get any help with funding by advertising companies, and rely completely on other means, particularily the hard work of its users and crew, to get it going. Given these facts and the astonishing attention Piratbyrån has gotten since the raid and the following demonstration, many to-do lists have been filled for most hours of the day. This has made it more difficult for Piratbyrån to regain their full functionlity.

But Piratbyrån has done what pirates have always done - instead of simply trusting others to solve problems for them, they have acted to solve the problems themselves. The website is currently independent on the servers some authority representatives with half an idea of what they are doing is digging through at the moment - in an investigation where Piratbyrån isn't even involved.

Now, this functionality is back, even though all backed up data from the forums and the news archives made before the raid still remain in the loving care of various Swedish authorities. It's about time. As soon as the prosecutor gets his act together and allows the police force to return Piratbyråns property to Piratbyrån, old data will be made available again.

And while on the subject - the world online community still demand of the authorities mentioned above: Release the data you have abducted and now hold in captivity for political reasons.

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