News alert: International pirate lobby organisation goes live!

A few minutes ago, a press release was made available from The Pro Piracy Lobby.

PPL is a cooperative group between pirate organisations, devoted to free culture, in several countries.

So far, this international cooperation consist of the following members, according to the PPL website:

Rumour has it that several other groups are interested in joining the cooperation.

The Pro Piracy Lobby is what the name implies - an organisation aimed at coordinating the pirate movement's lobby efforts internationally in a more effective manner, a way to make these ideas available to people throughout the world. According to the website, the platform looks like this:

Kopimi - We will copy whatever we want. Make p2p legal or just accept it!

We are the Internet. We know it, we feel it, we live it and we are here to tell the world that p2p will never be stopped, can't be stopped and shouldn't be stopped. The Internet is a vast global network, screaming with life and the creativity of millions of minds. We will choose to explore it in any way we please and we don't need guidance.

Free networking, everywhere by anyone!!

We live in a time defined by the Internet. It preceeds everything else. Everything new and intresting begins there. Every important event and all the fun in the world too. The freedom of developing and offering networking services of any kind, even anonymously and free of charge, should be considered a self-evident right.

Don't touch our Internets! No more efforts to limit, monitor or sabotage use of the net!

When we talk about price, we don't mean what the price for copy-protected music should be or how much artists are supposed to be compensated for supposed loss due to file sharing. We mean what price the anti piracy lobby organisations and governments are willing to pay to get rid of file sharing? The only way is to shut down the entire Internet and even then we will soon rebuild our own. Anti pirates of Hollywood and the world, don't touch our Internet!

The Pro Piracy Lobby will continue to grow along with the expansion of a positive understanding of piracy and filesharing. Our mission is to bring forth a progressive Internet development, our goal being no less than the ruling of the the seven seas!

- Behind the Pro Piracy Lobby there is a strife to expand the arena for copyright criticism. As copypirates we have to be able to meet wherever we are - and we are everywhere, says Marcin de Kaminski from Piratbyrån Sweden.

But the listed member groups have cooperated for awhile. In what way does the Pro Piracy Lobby help expanding the international cooperation? And can you reveal any further international partners?

- Even though we have already cooperated for a long while, PPL makes a more formal cooperation visible. Together we can present a clear, common front, that can continue to present our present and future ideas on an international stage, says de Kaminski. It would not be fair to present future partners before the deals are final, but I can tell you that presently we have good relations with similar groups in a dozen other countries, mainly in Europe, but also on other continents.

I have promoted international organisation of the pirate movement a few times here on Piracy Unlimited. It seems that at least the non-party organisations of the pirate movement has now come to the same conclusion and are working towards these goals - still remain only to see how the various pirate parties of the world responds to this.

The pirate movement is global and getting organised. Will the pirate parties go the same way, or will they remain only regional curiosities? What does the Pro Piracy Lobby think about this? Will the pirate parties go the same way as they have done, towards international cooperation?

- That is up to them, of course, says de Kaminski, but my opinion is that international issues should be addressed at an international level.

Is there currently any cooperation or contacts between said parties and the Pro Piracy Lobby?

- Regarding pirate parties, I don't have much to say. Piratbyrån and PPL works with lobbying and spreading information, not with party politics. We have made an active desicion on this matter. That's the only comment you will get from me on that topic.

It seems I will have to go to the parties themselves to learn about this. Which means I have to stick a "to be continued" here... ;)

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