Håkan Roswall shutting down freedom of press as well

To many pirates and many of those visiting this blog, it is abundantly clear that the Swedish government shut down the Pirate Bay to satisfy the demands of the american film industry lobby. It is also been stated clearly that the prosecutor they use conciders pro-piracy thinktanks that hasn't broken any law to be terrorists, and is keeping their servers locked in simply because of this, without legal support, and without even attempting to explain why.

What many people doesn't know is that the government is also harassing a Chechen news agency.

In May, the news agency Kavkaz Center, that had their servers at PRQ, the same place as the Pirate Bay and the Piratbyrån, had their server confiscated because the Russian embassy had accused it of agitation against Russia. The person who gave the order to confiscate their server was the highly familiar prosecutor Roswall. But after agreeing to delete the texts accused of the agitation and solving some other formal problems, Kavkaz Center had their computers return, and one of the few existing news sources on the situation in Chechnya that are not Russian could continue their work.

Then came raid on the Pirate Bay. As we know, 60-ish police officers confiscated everything they could see, completely regardless of what they were, stranding over 200 companies, making them unable to conduct their business. When the raid progressed, the legal representative of PRQ, Mikael Viborg, pointed out about Kakvaz Center had their computers returned to them recently, and that there had been stated clearly that there was nothing illegal about the server, and that it was a news agency server and should be secured by the Swedish constitutional press protection.

The police in charge of the raid then called prosecutor Roswall for instructions regarding this case, and the prosecutors told him to "bring those servers anyway".

Just as one thought this affair couldn't get more dirty - the state shuts down 200 businesses to get to one activity that had already been decided to be legal, on behalf of a foreign power, and shutting down opposing political expressions for their own gain, the same prosecutor now also fights freedom of press in Russia on behalf of the russians.

The Swedish union of journalists now plan to take this situation up with justice minister Bodström in a planned meeting, seeing as how the unions in Sweden have close ties to the governing Social Democratic party.


kdsde said...

Hi Thaumiel,

Wasn't it 65 Cops? not 60 as you wrote?

IIRC the english subbed news report from your SVT1 program said 65?

(No need to publish this comment as it was jsut to point you to it!)

Thaumiel said...

Changing to 60ish.