A Statement of Principles

There are several blogs on the topics of freedom of information, piracy, file-sharing, privacy, many of which are specified, others more general, yet others very personal. Some are news listings, some might more or less be riot promotion.

So what category does this fall under?

To be perfectly honest, I have yet to find out myself. As of now I don't know what will become of this blog, nor do I know which tone will be used on it. But I have a few intentions for the site.

Intention 1: This blog is, and will probably continue to be, pro-piracy. This does not necessarily mean I promote activity that is unjustfiably criminal in some countries, althogh it might possibly be the case.

Intention 2: Readers will notice that I am very interested in a Swedish political party by the name of Piratpartiet, the Pirate Party.

Intention 3: Aside from comments on current events that involves things like privacy, piracy, file-sharing, integrity, democracy and other things, I also want to be able to share ideas provided by others on the matter. I might also be interested in informing readers on concepts surrounding these idea, obivously coloured by how I tend to view things.

Intention 4: There is no claim of any absolute objectivity on Piracy Unlimited. As a matter of fact, I deny the existance of absolute objectivity. Looking anywhere for absolute objectivity, is like looking for sparrow's milk and rabbit feathers, or the end of the rainbow. I will try to state facts and back claims up, but readers should always be aware that everything occuring on this site is filtered through my brain, which wiring and content have been edited by heritage and environment. If you disagree with my views, please feel free to start your own blog on the topic, or leave a comment.

Intention 5: I don't claim any copyright on material occuring on this blog. In fact, I strongly encourage everyone to copy it. Much of what occurs here won't be my original work. But the same way I will try to state my sources, for credibility and common respect for the originator, I am hoping people who frees information from my site also state their sources. In that case some people might even find this blog, and nobody would be happier than me.

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