Justice Minister Bodström: Trafficking the same as file sharing

The Swedish blogger Johanna Nylander of Frihet, Fildelning och Feminism (Freedom, file sharing and feminism) noticed an interesting thing in that justice miniter Bodström said on a television show where he was debating against a member of the liberal Folkpartiet last night:

If this would have been about a letter from a norwegian woman's organisation asking us to deal more seriously with human trafficking, noone would have reacted. This is exactly the same thing.

I reacted as well to this statement, but FF&F pinned down the problem delicately:

Quite frankly it is insulting and a sign of bad taste on behalf of the minister making this parallell between trafficking and file sharing.

It's completely tasteless, and he seems to have forgotten that kiddie porn crimes is one of the crimes that has to stand back for file sharing under the ordered priority order of the police.

Bodström should really start concider his priorities and view on people, when he obviously thinks that file sharing is something much worse than trafficking.

When over 60 police officers are allocated to steal servers from everyone that happens to have it on the same ISP as a file sharing network, other things has to be put on hold. It is beyond me how Swedish police can put such priorities, especially as they keep complaining (in my opinion a just complaint) that they don't have resources to fight real crimes.

Bare in mind that the police force hardly took the new form of copyright law adopted recently very seriously, saying things like "police have better things to do than to hunt file sharers".

It would seem that the MPAA and the Swedish government have worked to change their minds on this subject.


RexM said...

Ehm.. ett "e" borde vara ett "i" i "Feldelning".

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Ummm... det har du rätt i. Tack för påpekandet!