Fredrik Neij's speech

This is my translation of the very well received speech by Fredrik Neij on the same demonstration and in the same video as the one occuring in the last post.

During a little more than three years, the Pirate Bay has grown from a small file sharing site on a crappy ADSL wire in Mexico to the biggest distributor of all kinds of culture and media in the world.

During a little more than three years we have continued heckling the threats of the copyright fanatics, and worked to make as much as possible available for as many as possible.

The last two years, we have built up a file sharing empire that the world have never seen before, a cluster of pages and servers that is used by millions of people every day. An ordinary working day, the Pirate Bay has 15 million page requests!

What other culture site could even dream of comparing with that? Despite the fact that we spread more culture than anyone else, it's the movie- and music mafia itself that has fought to shut us down.

During these years, we've had numerous threats sent to us... and everyone has gotten fitting insults back!

And still, our work has conitnued, without any disturbances what so ever.

The Internet is fantastic. Every day The Pirate Bay users, all us together, send data corresponding to fifty DVD-r's a second. A SECOND! That's enormous amounts of happiness and pleasure!

So, how about the future then, how will it look? Now that the Swedish state and Hollywood are cuddling, like a loving couple?

Well, we will continue to mock their threats and ridiculous attempts to stop us! The Pirate Bay will be even more international, decentralized, and invincible!

Now that Bodström and the police have tried to attack us, help has flowed in from all over the world. Servers, bandwidth and finiancial aid has been offered completely without demands on anything returned or paid. People everywhere have seen how incredible effective BitTorrent is!

And people everywhere is beginning to get seriously pissed off about being pushed around by the mafia of the movie and music industry.

I can happily announce today that the Pirate Bay is up again! After not too much hard work everything is up just like it did before the raid this wednesday. This time we fire the big cannon, and say, "In your face, Hollywood!"

So the people at the MPAA, the Anti Pirate Beaureu, Bush, Bodström, or whoever gave the order for this pathetic attempt to attack:

Stop messing with the Internet! It's a battle you will not win! We're a hydra, your attack only strengthen us, soon you will be the only ones left with your out-of-date views.

This speech would, with the retorical figures and the edged formulations, have all potentials to become a classic when history on the Piracy War is written down one day. The only thing really speaking against this, is that Neij is simply following the standard outlines that the Pirate Bay normally use when they respond to attacks or threats - the Pirate Bay has always had a sharp tongue and always been keen to use it. As stated in the speech itself: "During these years, we've had numerous threats sent to us... and everyone has gotten fitting insults back!"

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